Friday, October 16, 2009

Zynga Cafe World - Coin Hack +Ratings Hack

Credits: Magableh


* flock/Firefox
* flash 9-10
* ce5.5

Cooking Steps:

1. Go into Cafe World.
2. Select browser as process in ce5.5
3. Tick hex, 8bytes, ASROM
4. Scan "3B840FC98574498B"
5. 1 address found. Right click > Disassemble
6. You will see this line "test ecx,ecx"
7. Change it to "test ecx,edx"
8. Now when your customers are eating, it will freeze.
9. Wait for a few minutes and change the line back to "test ecx,ecx"
(notice that your rating and money has increased)

NOR3CA Tips: Served Thousand of Dishes as i calculated 10,000 dishes is for 10 mins as i served 30,000 for 30 mins my coins increased for almost over 100,000 coins
when got connection error 2 possible reason, 1 is the maintenance of the server and the second is your out of dishes to served.

Have Fun.